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Smith Cage Multifunction Rack with Exercise Bench


The Xtreme Gym Smith Cage is designed for the home, but built like a club machine. This total body training system combines a Smith machine, with precision, linear bearings, an Olympic free-weight rack and a cable routed pulley system, all in one attractive and versatile product.

Versatile - Comprehensive Exercise Options

Because the Smith Cage combines 3 different types of strength building machines in one compact design, it allows you to perform over 100 club-quality exercises. It also comes with a unique Cable Cross dual pulley system that allows you to perform Functional type exercises that employ movements associated with sports specific


-Heavy Duty Construction – This home gym system boasts a high durable steel frame reinforced with a powder coating, giving you an equipment that’s to withstand intense use. It offers 200kg weight lifting capacity.
-Multi-functional press arms – this versatile weight system home gym is designed with dual Action press arms. The press arms allow you to perform a variety of arm and chest exercises to develop your biceps, triceps, pectorals, and other muscle groups.
-Dual-action leg developer – The removable bench features a dual-function leg developer with four extra thick pads and a row/curl bar.
-Equipped with multi-grip pull-up bars- This gear allows you to efficiently execute exercises for the upper body such as pull ups, chin ups, hanging leg raises. The bar does come with height adjustable dual pulleys for cable crossovers and more strength training exercises.
-All-in-one workout station –This complete training system features an innovative structure that combines arm and leg stations for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive workouts, limiting the need to switch between gym equipment.

Must-Do Exercises

Squat & Chest press:  Utilize the Olympic weight bar, which is attached to the smith track, for Smith Machine squats, presses, and more. Easily lock the bar into place when you’re done with your workout or need to end your exercise abruptly.
Adjustable Dual Pulleys: The dual pulleys allow for cable crossovers and more strength training exercises. Adjust the pulleys from the top of the unit to the bottom of the unit to target different muscles and exercises.
Pull Up Bar: The top of the smith machine has a multi-grip pull-up bar for pull-ups, chin-ups, and kipping pull-ups. And, the bar is knurled at key points for better grip.
 Butterfly Press Arms: Target your chest muscles with the padded butterfly press arms. Simply add weight plates to the pulley trolley and you’re set to start working out!
 Legs Extension: Build muscular legs and stronger knee joints with this leg developer. Biomechanically accurate pivot point ensures ergonomically correct body positioning for complete hamstring and leg biceps development.

 Triceps Rope: The included Triceps Rope is perfect in tandem with the adjustable pulleys for lat push-downs, overhead triceps extensions, and more.

 Dead Weightlifting: Use the attached height adjustable bars for dead Weightlifting to target the leg muscles, lower back and core.(Olympic Bar sold separately)

Package Includes:
1 x Smith Cage Machine
1 x Removable Bench
1 x Triceps Rope
1 x Rear Kick Straps 
1 x Lat pull down bar