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Standard Weight Plates



  SOLID: Made of solid cast iron and coated in a gray baked enamel finish to prevent chipping and peeling. Ground edges and machine center hole ensure a standardized product. Standard plates have a 3CM center hole to accommodate standard bars.

EASY to ACCESS: The 3-hole grip design allows for easy and safe handling while loading and unloading weights. Each weight features a gray baked enamel coating for a durable product that will withstand grueling workouts.

VERSATILE: Weight plates allow you to create different weight combinations. The combination of various sized weights allow you to customize your workouts, great for targeting individual muscle groups or incorporating into a full body workout.

Choose from our stock of top-of-the-line standard weight plates, which include the following plates: 2.5 Kg pair, 5 Kg pair, 10 Kg pair, 15 Kg pair, 25 Kg pair.

Purchase with Confidence: Xtreme Gym is dedicated to providing convenient and effective workout solutions for all. We understand the journey to a better and healthier you because we're just like you! Add the weight plate to cart and enjoy a one-year warranty right now.